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NWO Patron in Chief boosts flood relief campaign

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NWO Patron in Chief boosts
flood relief campaign

Hazrat Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi Naqshbandi, the 9th Pir of Luari Sharif and the Patron-in-Chief of the Nishat Welfare Organization (NWO), is actively engaged in providing succour to the people displaced by these unprecedented floods in Pakistan's history.

Since the day-one, when a raging Indus broke its banks and gushing waters swept away villages, he mobilised all the volunteers of the Jamaat Luari Sharif, including the NWO, to join the rescue of the marooned masses. But above all, he also set a personal example of taking part in these efforts by ensuring three time meal and safe drinking water to the people affected by floods at Bachao Band, near Qazi Ahmed, District Banazirabad, Kandiaro, District Dadu, Seeta, District Dadu,
and Dokri District Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan.

Thousands of people have been lodged in a relief camp set up at the expenses of Hazrat Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi Naqshbandi, near Qazi Ahmad, Kandiaro, Seet and Dokri, where all the survivors are being taken well care of. Round the clock availability of qualified medical staff is also ensured at the camp to meet any health emergency there.

Besides, he also bearing the expenses on purchase of food items, clean drinking water, cloths, tents and medicines to supplement the efforts of the Jamaat Luari Sharif, particularly the NWO, in meeting immediate needs of the flood survivors.

His passion for serving the humanity without any prejudices and his personal endeavours is the enough motivation for the thousands of Luari Sharif volunteers to actively engage in the relief activities from our various plateforms.

The Pir of Luari Sharif has also motivated his friends in Pakistan and abroad to come forward and help the flood victims. And the response we have received so far, is far more encouraging.

You can also emulate the acts of philanthropy of Hazrat Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi Naqshbandi by supplementing the efforts of the NWO through Zakaat and donations.

For donations kindly visit the following link: