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Flood Affectees Assessment

Pakistan Flood Devastation
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Distribution of Stationery

Distribution of Stationery among students of 6 adopted schools... View Image Gallery »



NWO pursues one goal—100 percent literacy rate. NWO arranging scholarships for students, provided uniform, books, underwritten tuitions, and other steps to encourage families to send their children to schools.
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Our ultimate goal remains the prosperity of the people with availability of all resources for a happy healthy life. It needs resources — both material and human but above all it takes something more...innovation.
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Community Development

It is need of the time to unite the community and aware them with their basic rights so as every person of the society shall enjoy their Human rights.
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Latest Acheivements

Provided 150 Roofing Kits in Badin in coordination with OPP-RTI

NWO provided Roofing Kits for 150 houses damaged due to heavy rainfall in UC Luari Sharif, Badin. The project was funded by Orangi Pilot Project-Research & Training Institute (OPP-RTI) Karachi under Misereor grant.
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8 Hand Pumps installed to provide safe drinking water for 7 villages in Badin

Nishat Welfare Organization, under its community development program, installed 8 hand pumps in Badin with the objective of providing safe drinking water to vulnerable communities living in Union Councils of Luari Sharif and Kadhan in the coastal belt.
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Successful completion of 520 One Room Shelter project in coordination with IOM

NWO completed yet another milestone of 520 One Room Shelter project with IOM coordination. During the completion ceremony Mr. Manuel & Mr. Hasballah of IOM, Mr. Ali Hasnain GM of UBL and Mr. Sikander Jamali Manager of PIr of Luari Sharif were present.
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Distribution of Stationary among students of 6 adopted schools

Nishat Welfare Organization (NWO) in collaboration with volunteers of Contour Software Karachi distributed stationery among students of all 6 adopted schools on Oct 5, 2013. The purpose was to help and encourage students to avail the best of their education.
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Successful completion of repairing project of existing Drainage System

NWO repaired the existing system wherever it was necessary. At some parts we also established a new line for drainage to maintain the proper flow of the system. According to our earlier mentioned calculation the total length of drainage system was 620ft but during the repair we also covered the extra 150ft.
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Immediate Relief Goods Distribution at KN Shah Dadu

12th January 2011

Arranged in coordination of Internationl Organization for Migration (IOM). About 300 families were benefitted of U/C Burera and U/C Gozo Taluka Khairpur Nathan Shah, District Dadu accordingly. The distribution ceremony was took place on 12th of January, 2011 at village Khushalani Gadehi.
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Another Successful Eye Camp at Qazi Ahmed, District Nawabshah

10th January 2011

More than 1200 patients were registered in General OPD and 363 patients were operated.
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Development Work at Village Pir Muhammad Sadiq

4th August 2010

Take the example of Pir Muhammad Sadiq Village in district Badin. Previously it would appear to have a look of a neglected human settlement, lacking all the basic facilities. Now, it is improving rapidly with the involvement of the local population in making it a model village...
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NWO disaster management cell provided relief to cyclone effected people

19th April 2010

As Cyclone Phet, a powerful tropical storm approached Pakistan after lashing Oman's coastline on June 4, 2010, leaving approximately 2 dozen dead and damages exceeding $780 million...
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5th Free Medical Camp at Admiral (retd) Zahid Hasnain Farm House

17th April 2010

The camp benefited more than 500 patients, hailing from over 12 villages. Most of the people complained of kidney-related diseases besides the cases of hepatitis were also relatively high.
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6 Schools Adopted in Badin area under Adopt-A-School Program

16th March 2010

On 16th March, 2010, NWO has been given the 6 Schools of Badin area under Adopt-A-School Program. Madam Anita Ghulam Ali, Director, SEF, awarded the certificate to Mr. Nisar Ahmed Soomro, President, NWO.
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Free Eye Camp at Distt. Hospital, Badin, Sindh Pakistan

9th January 2010

In the camp we helped to retrieve the colors of life! "Yes, I can see clearly now," this was the spontaneous response of a 65 year old Bachlan whose vision was restored after a successful operation. Qualified doctors diagnosed Bachlan with cataract. They conducted a successful operation and vision was restored in her right eye. Another milestone achieved by NWO team. Read more »

Second - Free Medical Camp at Village Pir Muhammad Sadiq, District Badin

15th November 2009 – Govt. Dispensary Luari Sharif at village Pir Muhammad Sadiq

Encouraged by enormous success of our maiden free medical camp, the NWO Health Programme motivated its members to arrange another free medical camp in Village Pir Muhammad Sadiq, Luari Sharif, District Badin, to supplement the efforts for providing appropriate medical help and guidance to the underprivileged.
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First - Free Medical Camp at Village Pir Muhammad Sadiq, District Badin

18th May 2009 – Govt. Dispensary Luari Sharif at village Pir Muhammad Sadiq

From the platform of the Nishat Welfare Organization (NWO)® this was the first Free Medical Camp organized in Village Pir Muhammad Sadiq, Luari Sharif, District Badin, under the NWO Health Programme, with the sole motive of providing appropriate medical help and guidance to underprivileged people of the area.
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Nishat Cooperative Housing Society Hyderabad (NCHSH)

January 2010

Nishat Cooperative Housing Society Hyderabad (NCHSH) is a first step towards the community welfare goal achievement. Currently the earth development work and construction of boundary wall has been started. Read more »

Future Projects

Community Development: Stopping violence against Women and Girls

18th October 2010

To establish a strong platform for women's right activists who will enforce strategic usage of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to protect general women and girls from violence against women's rights in their locality...
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Community Development: Repairing of existing Drainage System

Drainage and Sanitation system concept in rural areas of Sindh is hard to find due to various reasons. The most important factor is the acute shortage of water. The collapse of drainage and sanitation system causes many problems including unsafe disposal of liquid and solid waste, environmental hazards by drained standing water, many disease related to skin and stomach particularly Hepatitis, unhygienic conditions of house hold living, low attendance rate of children at schools due to viral sickness etc. Read more »

Community Development: Water Supply System from Well

Remote areas of Sindh, like Badin and others are facing the shortage of water. There are hundreds of villages situated at the tail of Indus and surroundings of Badin having acute shortage of water. These people are suffering from lots of issues concerning about water, some of them are: domestic house hold issues of daily life, poverty increment as no water available for cultivation of land, women hit worse as they have to carry water from very far from their village, sanitation disposal problems, epidemic diseases mainly in women & children etc. Read more »

Education: More School Adoption Programme in collaboration with Sindh Education Foundation (SEF)

NWO aims at improving quality of education at primary level. Therefore, we wish to work for improving and maintaining the quality of education in collaboration with Sindh Education Foundation (SEF). With the coordination and collaboration of SEF different parameters for the adoption of school will be finalized to serve unprivileged part of society for enhancing... Read more »

Healthcare: Free Medical Camp at Tarai, addressing skin diseases of the poor and needy

Dermatoses are among the most common disorders in the area, afflicting a great percentage of its inhabitants. Some of the most common skin infections are scabies, fungal infections and dermatitis. At least 8 dermatologists will be volunteering in the camp, along with lady physicians to diagnose female patients. A host of volunteers will distribute free medicines... Read more »

Healthcare: NWO collabration with AsiaCare to provide health insurance at grassroots level

It is extremely important to protect against tremendous medical expenditure, and can be of great utility to the poor and needy. Health insurance works by covering medical bills of patients, while accepting premiums in the form of smaller payments over the course of a pre-contracted duration. Read more »

Community Development: NWO Demography Survey

January 2010

The science of demography enables us to conduct the investigations with respect to the demographic processes of births, deaths and migrations and their interactions with social economic, political and cultural processes. The understanding of the demographic changes has great importance in development because it provides a powerful predictive... Read more »