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Repairing of existing Drainage System

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Drainage issues:

Drainage and Sanitation system concept in rural areas of Sindh is hard to find due to various reasons. The most important factor is the acute shortage of water. The collapse of drainage and sanitation system causes many problems including unsafe disposal of liquid and solid waste, environmental hazards by drained standing water, many disease related to skin and stomach particularly Hepatitis, unhygienic conditions of house hold living, low attendance rate of children at schools due to viral sickness etc. Currently the drainage system is not in working order and needs extensive repairing and cleaning as shown in photographs.

Grass-roots activities for resolving drainage issues:

There is a village named Luari Sharif about 11 KM from Badin city having the population of about 10,000. Like other parts of Pakistan, waste water management and sanitation maintenance is poor here in the country side of Badin as well. To eliminate the pity conditions of drainage, we have a phase-wise planned that will improve genetic conditions related to drainage. We plan to repair existing malfunctioning drainage system in specified location in a way that it efficiently directs waste water to ample storage which again redirects it towards waste water canal nearby the area.

As mentioned in our Layout Plan we will repair concrete drainage line of about 620 feet and widen it about 18 inches alongside the residential area. Further we will also build the connecting points for the proper flow of water. A proper slope will be ensured to maintain till the end for adequate flow of liquid and dispose material.

Villagers will be educated and guided to utilize this drainage system and connect their all sanitation outflows with the drainage line. A campaign will be executed to achieve this target with proper arrangements of trainings.

Impact of grass-roots activities:

This drainage system will be un-interrupted and continuous without any hurdle towards main storage which redirecting waste water to Drainage Lake. The villagers will get immensely reduced risk of water born diseases. The hygienic conditions of the village will also enhance. Spread of Epidemic disease will be controlled. It will give a positive impact on health of women and children. Children attendance at the school will increase. It will help to reduce the poverty level.

Direct beneficiaries:

About 2500 persons will be directly benefitted, the ratio will be 40% women, 30% men and 30% children.

Stakeholder participation:

Community and Villagers with Nishat Welfare Organization


Nishat Welfare Organization (NWO) is a grass root organization which has the basis directly in community. NWO has also its regional office in the area which helps to monitor the sustainability of this project. The training and awareness program will be fruitful in this regard. The maintenance of Drainage Line and system will be ensured by the NWO regional office.


Repairing of Drainage Line (A) 2 Weeks from starting date
Repairing of Drainage Line (B) 3 Weeks from starting date
Repairing of Drainage Line (A) 2 Weeks from starting date
Awareness Campaign & Training 1 Week