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Flood Affectees Assessment

Pakistan Flood Devastation
worse than Tsunami

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NWO Emergency Relief

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Emergencies, both natural and humanitarian (arising from conflict and war) have major implications on the health, education, security and livelihood of the affected population. The “onset” phase of an emergency is the most critical as the eventual magnitude of damage and destruction is unpredictable at this stage. Interruption of the existing means of transportation and infrastructure makes efforts of providing relief an uphill task. Without adequate preparedness and anticipation the eventual damage may increase manifold. NWO realizes the essence of Emergency Relief and is thus prepared for emergency situations at all times. Several key areas have been identified that we focus on in emergencies.


Health of the affected population, particularly of the vulnerable groups such as Children, Pregnant women, nursing mothers, elderly and the disabled, is at highest risk in case of disaster. Often times more morbidity and mortality results from the aftermath of the disaster compared to the disaster itself. After floods for instance the stagnant water, poor sewerage systems, over crowdedness and poor sanitation conditions in the make shift tents provides a breeding ground for communicable diseases such as Gastroenteritis, Cholera, Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue and Measles. These diseases are completely preventable given appropriate actions are taken timely.

Providing immediate access to healthcare, medicines, and measures to prevent any potential epidemic remains our focus in emergency situations.


Often ignored in emergency situations, education is of vital importance. Education of the community in terms of awareness about what to do in an emergency and how to minimize damage to life and property is of paramount importance. Community must be ready to face challenges arising from emergency situations especially in areas where natural disaster (Hurricanes and flash floods) at a certain time of year is predictable. Having adequate preparation would minimize the damage especially in the initial phase of a disaster.

Resumption of curricular and recreational activity is also very important in the immediate post disaster phase. Existing infrastructure of schools is often wiped out by floods and earthquakes. Restoration of this infrastructure on an emergency basis is important because it gives children a chance to resume their studies at the earliest. Returning early to school also helps children to cope better with the post disaster period which otherwise may potentially lead to post traumatic stress disorder to which children are particularly vulnerable. Involvement of the indigenous community members in relief efforts has been shown to help them recover quicker to routine life compared to those who are not involved.

NWO considers education as the most important weapon in dealing with emergency situations. We therefore strive to educate the communities at risk of disasters and provide means for resumption of educational activities in the affected communities.

Transportation and supplies

Damage to transportation links makes relief efforts extremely difficult. Stranded population is at the disposal of others to provide them with immediate relief. Provision of food, tents, medicines and other supplies proves to be life saving for many. Malnutrition and starvation in the early periods of disaster are the leading cause of death.

Our Supply division is ready at all times for immediate action starting with procurement of essential supplies for health, nutrition, education, drinking water, sanitation and shelter and then arranging logistics for appropriate distribution in the affected areas. Logistic support is also provided to transport the affected population to safer areas.

Emergency Relief

Catastrophic and torrential monsoon rains are continuing wreak havoc across Sindh, causing death of about 30 people.

Nishat Welfare Organization® (NWO) is the first organization providing relief and rescue services to 15 villages of UC Luari Sharif, Distt. Badin. NWO has established 2 relief camps in the affected areas , evacuated thousands of people to different relief camps.
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Floods leave a long trail to walk
20th September, 2010 - By KB Arbab — Courtesy, The News, London

Floods after battering the country for over a month are finally receding and survivors have started returning to their homes, but many have no place to restart a life deeply wounded by the losses of life-time toils. Read full news »

NWO Patron in Chief boosts flood relief campaign
20th August, 2010

Hazrat Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi Naqshbandi, the 9th Pir of Luari Sharif and the Patron-in-Chief of the Nishat Welfare Organization (NWO), is actively engaged in providing succour to the people displaced by these unprecedented floods in Pakistan's history. Read full news »

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon travelled to flood-ravaged Pakistan on Sunday
15th August, 2010

About 1,500 people have died in the disaster and more than 7.9 million acres of cotton, sugar cane and wheat crops have been destroyed. Read full news »

Aid needed for long-term rebuilding efforts could exceed one billion dollars
13th August, 2010

"There's going to be a tremendous cost in terms of repairing roads, bridges, telecommunications and electricity infrastructure and, most importantly, repairing irrigation infrastructure that ensures the capacity of the rural farmers of Pakistan to continue to produce the foodstuffs and cash crops that sustain them,"Mogwanja told. Read full news »

The worst monsoon-related floods in living memory
12th August, 2010

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) calls. Estimated 14 to 16 million people affected. U.N. launched a humanitarian flash appeal Wednesday seeking 459.7 million dollars for relief efforts in Pakistan. Read full news »

Flood Relief Help by NWO
August, 2010

NWO understands that it is of paramount importance that relief efforts should be preempted in Sindh in order to avoid the catastrophe that occurred in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ... Read full news »