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Flood Affectees Assessment

Pakistan Flood Devastation
worse than Tsunami

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Distribution of Stationery

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NWO Community Development

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In the present scenario the world has changed into a global village, the world has changed from modernism to post modernism; information technology has further reduced the distance. The rule of community participation has enhanced the sustainability aspects of projects. It is need of the time to unite the community and aware them with their basic rights so as every person of the society shall enjoy their Human rights.

Survey and Town Planning Completed Survey and Town Planning of Village Pir Muhammad Sadiq (near Luari Sharif Town). Community Acheivements
Future Plans

61% of the population of Pakistan lives in more than 50,000 villages where the literacy is below 10% and main occupation is agriculture. Lack of clean drinking water, improper sanitation, human injustice, prevailing poverty etc. are dominating the community and major hindrances in the development.

NWO focuses on the root causes by innovative and participatory approach. We have developed the strategy for uplifting the deprived social atmosphere and neglected people of the community.

NWO Community Development Strategy

  • Socio-economic development through community participation by:
    • Helping in formation of Community Development Organizations (CDOs) at local level
    • Training of community members and CDOs in participatory, vocational and other skills development
    • Mobilizing community savings and training the communities in financial management whereby developing micro-credit with the help of CDOs
    • Establishing CDOs to identify, plan and implement small infrastructure projects
    • Helping educate community members for natural resources management in order to reduce losses and increase sustainable productivity
    • Helping CDOs in developing and implementing low cost social sector schemes, such as community schools, basics health units, safe drinking water and sanitation schemes, etc
  • Capacity Building of existing amenities to:
    • Help improve their efficiency and effectiveness
    • Capacity enhancing
    • Community Mobilization
  • Establishing new amenities in areas:
    • Which lack basic facilities
    • Which lack quality services

Acheivements in Community Development

Successful completion of 520 One Room Shelter project in coordination with IOM.

NWO completed yet another milestone of 520 One Room Shelter project with IOM coordination. During the completion ceremony Mr. Manuel & Mr. Hasballah of IOM, Mr. Ali Hasnain GM of UBL and Mr. Sikander Jamali Manager of PIr of Luari Sharif were present.
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Successful completion of repairing project of existing Drainage System

NWO repaired the existing system wherever it was necessary. At some parts we also established a new line for drainage to maintain the proper flow of the system. According to our earlier mentioned calculation the total length of drainage system was 620ft but during the repair we also covered the extra 150ft.
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Nishat Cooperative Housing Society Hyderabad (NCHSH)

January 2010

Nishat Cooperative Housing Society Hyderabad (NCHSH) is a first step towards the community welfare goal achievement. Currently the earth development work and construction of boundary wall has been started. Read more »

Future Plans

Stopping violence against Women and Girls

18th October 2010

To establish a strong platform for women's right activists who will enforce strategic usage of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to protect general women and girls from violence against women's rights in their locality...
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Water Supply System from Well

Remote areas of Sindh, like Badin and others are facing the shortage of water. There are hundreds of villages situated at the tail of Indus and surroundings of Badin having acute shortage of water. These people are suffering from lots of issues concerning about water, some of them are: domestic house hold issues of daily life, poverty increment as no water available for cultivation of land, women hit worse as they have to carry water from very far from their village, sanitation disposal problems, epidemic diseases mainly in women & children etc. Read more »

NWO Demography Survey

The science of demography enables us to conduct the investigations with respect to the demographic processes of births, deaths and migrations and their interactions with social economic, political and cultural processes. The understanding of the demographic changes has great importance in development because it provides a powerful predictive... Read more »