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NWO Monthly Meeting - January, 2010

NWO held a monthly meeting of its members on Sunday, 24th January, 2010, to review the programmes organised recently and the progress on the upcoming projects. The meeting was attended by almost all the members.

Key points of the meeting were...

FREE Eye Camp, 9th January, 2010
  • Mr. Abdul Sattar Ishaqani, President, Karachi Region, presented a report on the free eye camp, conducted on January 9, 2010. He informed the meeting that the camp was another milestone achieved by NWO in the health sector. At the same time, he also pointed out certain drawbacks in the management which needed to be taken care of in the future such as a more vibrant media coverage. Although we received ample coverage but not the one we could have with a better pre-planned strategy.
  • The President appreciated volunteers from Najia Shagird Tanzeem and Nishat Girls Wing, Jamaat Luari Sharif, and other volunteers from Luari Sharif town, for devoting their services to make our efforts a resounding success. He also called for recognising their efforts to motivate them.
Health Insurance
  • In collaboration with NWO, Asia Care will provide health insurance cover to 5,000 people, excluding OPD.
  • The Annual premium would amount to Rs. 4 million, 25 per cent of which, i.e. Rs 1 million, will be borne by Hazrat Sultan ul Olyia Foundation, while the rest will be raised from donor agencies.
  • This project will be managed by NWO. This will be the first largest community development project in the health sector.
  • It has been resolved that a committee will be constituted before the commencement of the project to manage and oversee the project besides a comprehensive awareness campaign will be launched to highlight the benefits of the scheme.
  • Asia care would be requested to open its sub-office in Badin to facilitate the locals in promoting the health insurance scheme. In the next phase of the project, those with some degree of affordability will be motivated to avail the health insurance scheme.
SEF Meeting for School Adoption
  • Preliminary study report was submitted to SEF for adoption of four schools--two in Badin, one in Sanghar and one in Qazi Ahmed.
  • SEF requested NWO to adopt three more schools in Badin, as reported by Mr. Ishaqani. However, after a thorough discussion it was decided that SEF will finalise a scheme of adopting five schools in Badin, located in Village Pir Muhammad Sadiq, Khan Sahib Abdul Rehman Village, Roshanabad, Amir Bux Korejo Village and Banho Korejo Village.
  • It has also been decided that the adoption of two more schools in Sanghar & Qazi Ahmed, as reported by Mr. Ishaqani, will be discussed later.
SEF Meeting for New School Establishment
  • A proposal/application has been given to SEF to establish a new state-of-the-art school in Luari Sharif. The meeting expressed its profound gratitude to the Pir of Luari Sharif for providing a piece of land for the establishment of the school.
NWO Community Development Programme - Demography Survey
  • A demography survey is due and it should be started in near about March 2010. In our last meeting this agenda was discussed comprehensively but we are waiting final decision from Head Office.
  • It was noted that since the government of Pakistan was also planning to conduct the National Census in March/April, therefore, efforts should be made that none of community member remained unregistered with government census.
  • Our demography survey should be of high standard and fully computerized and authentic.
NWO Promotion
  • A Facebook group created by A. Sattar Ishaqani with the name "Nishat Welfare Organization". Mr. Sattar Abbasi suggested as an officer for the maintenance and monitoring of the group. Mr. Abbassi would upload pictures and videos and other promotional stuff on the group after approval from the President Karachi Region.
  • Notice Board approval awaited from Head Office.
  • Magazine/newsletter should be published on a quarterly or half-yearly basis and to be kept in offices of funding agencies and other organizations for their review of NWO activities.