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Flood Affectees Assessment

Pakistan Flood Devastation
worse than Tsunami

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Distribution of Stationery

Distribution of Stationery among students of 6 adopted schools... View Image Gallery »

8 Hand Pumps installed to provide safe drinking water for 7 villages in Badin

Nishat Welfare Organization, under its community development program, installed 8 hand pumps in Badin with the objective of providing safe drinking water to vulnerable communities living in Union Councils of Luari Sharif and Kadhan in the coastal belt. click here»

1. Muhammad Moosa Mallah (Union council Kadhan)

2. Vikio Lunjar (union council kadhan)

3. Gul Muhammad Thebo (union council kadhan)

4. Banhoo korejo (union council Luari Sharif)

5. Wali dad Aheer (union council Luari Sharif)

6. Roshan Abad (union council Luari Sharif)