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Flood Affectees Assessment

Pakistan Flood Devastation
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Distribution of Stationery

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Winter Kit Distribution at UC Burhoon,
District Sanghar

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Winter in Village Friday, 6th of January, 2011 at UC Burhoon, District Sanghar. 200 beneficiaries of 5 Villages were given the winter kits.

9 years old Ghulam Nabi Dahri of village Oteem Dahri was one of the 20 million children affected in previous year floods of Sindh, Pakistan. The ruthless rains took away his sand toys along with a little goat which was so dear to him. Her family spent months in open sky on the roadside as the village was in water. He got sick and attacked by skin diseases and recovered when NWO organized a medical camp in the nearby village and gave him initial treatment.

His mother has not yet been able to fully recover from the loss of health, she is suffering from unhealthy conditions during rains and after getting back to home. Proper Nutrition is still one of the big issues of the flood affected people.

When Ghulam Nabi returned to his village, with his father, named Achar, he witnessed everything destroyed. The dreams of Ghulam Nabi washed away with everything. The record breaking rainfall of 615.3 millimeters damaged hamlets and put their walls and roofs down. In winters of Sindh, where temperature drops up to 1 degree centigrade, he sleeps with minimum cover and cloths. As winter approached, it aggravated his suffering as well as his family. The need for basic winter items was immensely felt.

NWO identified the 1400 beneficiaries like Ghulam Nabi Dahri and distributed winter kits among 200 families. These winter kits included:

  • 2 Quilts (Razian)
  • 2 Mosquito Nets
  • 4 Sweaters for Kids (G/B) and 2 Shaals

The beneficiaries were the resident of following villages:

  1. Village Jarrar Dahri
  2. Village Umeed Ali Dahri
  3. Village Dost Muhammad Dahri
  4. Village Mureed Dahri
  5. Village Amanullah Dahri
  6. Village Oteem Dahri

Pakistan Development Fund (PDF) supported this complete event and provide the amount to purchase the Winter Kits for 200 beneficiaries. PDF raises the Funds in its circle for inundated people of Sindh which shows their commitment for the deprived community of Sindh and a motivational force for NWO to act timely on the targeted tasks.

Nishat Welfare Organization has the roots in community and support of hundreds of young male and females volunteers. Besides, NWO has the good ties and values with the respectable dignitaries of the area who always give space and cooperate to work for the deprived people of community.

During the distribution, Mr. Taj Muhammad Dahri, the Wadera of the area, also attend the ceremony by encouraging our team and the cause. Mr. Nisar Soomro (General Secretary of NWO) and Mr. Qazi Pir Bux (Joint Secretary of NWO) represented the Head Office.

In continuation of this project NWO till to date assessed 1000 more families of inundated areas of Districts Sanghar and Badin. NWO will strive hard to provide the initial winter protection kits to the flood affected families as much as possible depending upon the availability of funds.