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Flood Affectees Assessment

Pakistan Flood Devastation
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Provided 150 Roofing Kits in Badin in coordination with OPP-RTI

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NWO provided Roofing Kits for 150 houses damaged due to heavy rainfall in UC Luari Sharif, Badin. The project was funded by Orangi Pilot Project-Research & Training Institute (OPP-RTI) Karachi under Misereor grant.

Background and Context

150 Roofing Kits in Badin NWO provided Roofing Kits for 150 houses damaged due to heavy rainfall in UC Luari Sharif.
150 Roofing Kits in Badin The project was funded by Orangi Pilot Project-Research & Training Institute (OPP-RTI) Karachi under Misereor grant. View all images

District Badin is spread over an area of 6,726² km , with population of 1,136,044 individuals as per 1998 consensus (gender ratio male 52.60% & female 47.40%). Administratively, Badin is divided in 5 Tehsil, 46 union councils & 511 Dehs. Badin district can be broadly divided into two distinct economic zones. One zone supports purely agricultural income and the other one has a mixed economy, having fisheries along with agriculture as its main stay. 76 per cent of the population is dependent purely on agriculture production as the main occupation for most of their population. The remaining population work force depends on labor and other services for their livelihood.

Likewise union council Luari Sharif is an under developed UC of District Badin. It is scattered and contains a population of about 20,000 people. The people mostly depend on livestock and agriculture and the weather has a direct impact on their life and livelihood. Heavy rains of2010 to 2013 and floods affected a large piece of population in UC Luari Sharif. Their crops, livestock and homes were heavily damaged.

Relief activities were carried out by international organizations in this region but a major part of the union council was still not served. Nishat Welfare Organization (NWO) started assessment process of those remained areas which were untouched and identified need based villages and the process of beneficiary’s selection was initiated.

In the first phase, the beneficiaries were selected from the targeted UC Luari Sharif who suffered the floods due to heavy rains. The selected beneficiaries were 70 to 80 percent affected 80% houses were damaged or were in a non-livable condition. A large number of families were living in the same old damaged houses with minor repair they managed on their own.


150 Roofing Kits in Badin

The activity surpassed its original target by distributing shelter roof repair kits to all 150 households of the union council Luari Sharif who were assisted in erecting houses and installing provided roofing kits within target timeline. The Tranch-01 was completed through funding by Orangi Pilot Project – Research & Training Institute (OPP-RTI) under Misereor grant.

  • The kit distribution process involved:
  • Pre‐identification of families carried out by Nishat Welfare Organization in the affected area;
  • Individual household assessment of shelter repair needs;
  • Selection of eligible beneficiary families;
  • Orientation of beneficiary families;
  • Distribution of kits; and
  • Post‐assessment.

The Outcomes and Sustainabblity

Following the distribution of the Roofing Kits, families were able to start fixing their dilapidated walls and roofs with the materials provided. The repairs helped them to recover from the devastation caused by the monsoon rains. Nishat Welfare Organization staff visited the homes of beneficiary families and all 150 had completed.

Finanacial Summary

Provision of Roofing Kits to Flood Affected Families 150 11,512 1,726,800
Administration Expenses 150 1000 150,000
Total 150 12,512 1,876,800