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5th Free Medical Camp
at Admiral (retd) Zahid Hasnain Farm House

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5th Free Medical Camp Around 1,500 patients were treated during the day.

The NWO Health Programme arranged its 5th medical camp at Admiral (retd) Zahid Hasnain Farm House, near Muhammad Sadiq Bajeer Village in district Badin on April 19, 2010. Before the camp, expectations in the area were high, and as a result, the turnout was good–mainly because the availability of reputed specialist doctors and quality laboratory testing facilities.

The camp was organised at the invitation of Mr Ali Hasnain–a notable of the area. This time around, the NWO particularly arranged ultra sound testing facility for camp given the results obtained from pre-camp survey of the area. And keeping in mind the local traditions, a female ultra sound expert was also taken on board that helped deal with women patients comfortably.

The camp benefited more than 500 patients, hailing from over 12 villages. Most of the people complained of kidney-related diseases besides the cases of hepatitis were also relatively high.
They received free treatment and medicines by six doctors, including two gynecologists, a pediatrician, a cardiologist and two general physicians.