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Second - Free Medical Camp
Village Pir Muhammad Sadiq, District Badin

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2nd Free Medical Camp The camp benefited more than 500 patients, hailing from over 12 villages.


Encouraged by enormous success of our maiden free medical camp, the NWO Health Programme motivated its members to arrange another free medical camp in Village Pir Muhammad Sadiq, Luari Sharif, District Badin, to supplement the efforts for providing appropriate medical help and guidance to the underprivileged.

In this regard a great support came from the Managing Committee, Jamaat Luari Sharif, which arranged 6 doctors and 10 paramedical staff besides the most valuable stock of necessary medicines. Some 20 members of the Najia Shagird Tanzeem (NST) volunteered in the community service in order to make the camp a resounding success. The District Government Badin also extended a helping hand by providing doctors, medicines and hospital facility.

A panel of qualified doctors, including Dr. Mushtaq Memon (Dermatologist, Hyderabad), Dr. Khuda Bux Talpur (Badin), Dr. Mohammad Hanif Memon (Badin), Dr. Zahoor Abbasi (Badin), Dr. Mushtaq Junejo (Karachi), Dr. Hussain Korejo (Karchi), Dr. Abdul Qadir (Hyderabad), Dr. Rizwan (Badin), Dr. Abdullah Abbasi and Dr. Sadiq Mangi were kind enough to take a day out for the noble cause.

The camp was aimed at providing treatment, medication and awareness to the poor and needy. It was inaugurated by honourable Mir Sikander Khan Jamali, the General Manager of Reverend Pir Muhammad Sadiq, the 9th Pir of Luari Sharif.
Around 1,500 patients were treated during the day. Well over three quarters of the visitors were found to be complaining about skin diseases—mostly scabies. General diseases like flu, Malaria, chest infections, gynecological problems, etc were common among the rest.

Conclusion: All the patients were provided with free treatment and medication in their immediate vicinity. The camp also helped the NWO establish a healthy relationship with the government functionaries, various NGOs, volunteer doctors and philanthropists. As a whole the NWO won the confidence of the local population for its participation in constructive and community development activities.