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Flood Affectees Assessment

Pakistan Flood Devastation
worse than Tsunami

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Distribution of Stationery

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Another Successful Eye Camp
at Qazi Ahmed, District Nawabshah

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2nd Eye Camp More than 1200 patients registered at OPD and 363 patients were operated.

The Society for Prevention of Blindness provided the technical facilities and instruments at the Site with complete staff.

More than 1200 patients were registered in General OPD and 363 patients were operated.

Nishat Welfare Organization (NWO) organized the whole event inclusive of following:

  • 3 Days Residence of Doctors and Para-medics staff.
  • 3 Days Residence of Operated Patients and their attendants.
  • Food and meals arrangement to the Doctors.
  • Provision of Food to the operated patients and their attendants.
  • Transportation for Doctors and for the Society.
  • Transportation for patients (Flood affected ones).
  • Coordination with District Government.


Dr. Hari (Karachi)
Dr. Rasheed (Hyderabad)
Dr. Ganesh (Nawabshah)

OPD Doctors

Dr. Khuda Bux
Dr. Javed

Followup Doctors

Dr. Ganesh
Dr. Khuda Bux